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Holmes Media is committed to providing the best coverage in each market at the lowest price.


We continually analyze cost, availability and objectives in each market.


We handle all your production needs from quotes to posting.


We offer the option to bill the plant operator through us for convenience and accuracy. 


We inspect each market on a regular basis and send reports to you.





Our goal is to insure that our clients receive the most effective rates and the best locations without compromising the quality and effectiveness of each Outdoor Media program.


Holmes Media strives to become an extension of our client’s media department by providing all the professional services necessary for the successful execution of their Out-of-Home projects.



Holmes Media was founded in 1995 by Outdoor Advertising Professionals with over 40 years combined experience.


The level of experience we provide helps businesses like yours get your message to hundreds and thousands of people everyday.

We're Going Green


Holmes Media is proud to offer an alternative to the commonly used, though difficult to recycle PVC or vinyl billboard flex.


For a comparable price Eco-Flexx is a 100% recyclable polyethylene substrate. It can be melted down and used in a wide range of products after it serves it’s purpose as a billboard.


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